Petteri Helin

I am a long time  ICT professional.  Most of my professional career I have been working in operator business with IP and MPLS networks. I was one of the founders of Clinet Oy in 1992. Since that I worked at Clinet and it's successors until year 2012, latest at TDC Oy Finland.

My most important skils are

  • IP and MPLS network design

    • routing protocols (BGP, IS-IS, OSPF)

    • L2 and L3 VPN solutions

    • data center network connections
  • IP resource allocation and registration

    • RIPE LIR and Routing Registry

  • Cisco and Juniper routers
  • DNS

  • email servers

  • building and maintaining Linux/Unix server environment

  • software development  (PERL, C++)